Steel for turning

KLEITOR 60 Pb – W. Nr. 1.0758

KLEITOR 60 Pb trafilati inox, acciai da tornitura acciaio trafilato acciaio rettificato acciaio da tornitura 1.0758 pezzi torniti pezzi per alberi pezzi per armeria


KLEITOR 60 Pb an hardenable, unalloyed free cutting high carbon steel with Pb. High machinability. This steel is well indicated for production of turned parts and engine parts.


Diameters: 1.00 – 25.00 mm
Tolerances: ISO h9 up to ISO h7
Delivery conditions: in cold drawn or ground bars 3m and Coils


Tensile Strenght: 680-920 N/mm2 , depends on diameter
Heat treatment: hardening: 800 – 840°C, oil cooling anneal: 650 – 720°C
Hardness max: 55 – 61 HRc after removing the soft skin (surface decarburization) 48 – 52 HRc diameters hardening < 10mm (core hardening)
Cutting speed: 40 – 60 m/min

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