Martensitic steel

KLEINOX 4034 – DIN EN X46Cr13 – AISI 420 – EN 10088-3

KLEINOX DIN EN X46Cr13 AISI 420 EN 10088-3 4034 acciaio trafilato acciaio rettificato acciaio martensitico acciaio temperabile 1.4034 X46Cr13 DIN EN 10088-3 AISI 420 klein srl pezzi torniti strumentazione medica strumentazione chirurgica strumentazione dentale implantologia


KLEINOX 4034 (AISI 420) hardenable martensitic stainless steel with a low S content. In order to obtain a satisfactory corrosion resistance, the machined parts must previously be tempered, polished and passivated. In these conditions, this grade has a similar wear resistance as its equivalent grade KLEINOX 4035 with a higher S content. It is well adapted for the production of turned parts and medical, surgical and dental instruments as well as in the agro and food industries.


Diameters: 1.00 – 15.00 mm
Tolerances: ISO h8 (up to h5)
Delivery conditions: in cold drawn or ground bars 3m and Coils

Before hardening

Tensile Strength: 725 – 925 N/mm2
Heat treatment: hardening: 1000 – 1050°C, oil cooling 60°C
Hardness Max: 55 HRc
Cutting speed: 25 – 40 m/min
Lubrificant-cooling fluid i.e.: INOX or ORTHO Motorex

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