Steel for turning

KLEINOX 2210 – DIN 115CrV3

KLEINOX2210 trafilati inox, acciai da tornitura acciaio trafilato acciaio rettificato acciaio da tornitura 1.2210 DIN 115CrV3 punte elicoidali alesatori utensili utensileria


KLEINOX 2210 an alloy cold work tool steel with chromium and vanadium, having a good wear and tenacity as well an easy of workability but also excellent machining and hardening abilities. It is not corrosion resistant unless protected. This steel is well indicated for production of taps, spiral dies, stamps, twist drills, broaches and reamers.


Diameters: 1.00 – 25.00 mm
Tolerances: ISO h9 up to ISO h7
Delivery conditions: in cold drawn or ground bars 3m and Coils


Tensile Strength: 750 N/mm2 , depends on diameter
Heat treatment: oil hardening: 820 – 840°C water hardening: 800 – 820°C
Hardness max: 64/66 HRc
Cutting speed: 20 – 30 m/min
Lubrificant-cooling fluid i.e.: INOX or ORTHO di Motorex

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