Steel for turning

KLEINOX 4614 – CUSTOM 465 – UNS S46500 – ASTM F899, A564, AMS 5936

KLEINOX 4614 CUSTOM 465 – UNS S46500 - ASTM F899, A564, AMS 5936 trafilati inox, acciai martensitici acciaio trafilato acciaio rettificato acciaio martensitico acciaio temperabile 1.4614 ASTM F899 A564 UNS S46500 AMS 5936 Custom Custom 465 materiale aerospazio strumenti chirurgici strumenti chimici strumenti farmaceutici strumenti agro alimentare klein srl


KLEINOX 4614 is a premium precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel. This VIM / VAR melted and remelted steel has been designed to provide in the cold worked and H900 aged a UTS up to 2090 MPa, with an excellent tensile notch resistance coupled to a high toughness. In the H1000 condition it has a most favorable combination of high strength, stress corrosion resistance and toughness. This steel is well indicated for the production of surgical, chemical, pharmaceutical and agro food instruments.


Diameters: < 2,50 mm cold drawn ≥ 2,50 mm drawn or ground, rigidity Ra 0.4 (N5)
Tolerances: ISO h8 (up to h5)
Delivery conditions: in cold drawn bars 3m, annealed condition


Magnetism: magnetic
Welding: good welding
Hardness Max: 55 HRc
Cutting speed: 20 – 30 m/min
Heat treatment: see detailed tab

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