Titanium and alloys

ARCAP AP 1D – DIN CuNi25Zn12


ARCAP AP 1D is a ferrous Cu-Ni-Zn alloy. Good machinability, high magnetic property and good corrosion resistance, especially in seawater.
Suitable for the production of optical fiber connectors, but also for watchmaking parts.


Diameters: 1.00 – 15.00 mm
Tolerances: ISO h9 up to ISO h7
Delivery conditions: in cold drawn or ground bars 3m and Coils and profiles


Tensile Strength: 550 – 750 N/mm2, depends on diameter
Heat treatment: soft anneal: 750 – 800°C, 15 – 60 min in inert atm stress relieved anneal: 300°C, 1h in inert atm
Tempera in aria: 800-830°C ricottura : 730-760 °C
Cutting speed: 100 – 140 m/min
Lubrificant-cooling fluid i.e.: INOX or ORTHO Motorex

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