Following to the pandemic Covid-19, national investment plans for recovery (Recovery Plan) highlighted huge issues linked to the provisions of raw material by steel industries. Despite the increase of steel production (+18,9% first quarter 2021 – source: Federacciai), there are continous delays in delivery times, with the consequent price increase.

In this historical period of time, steel centers like Klein have un key role and whoever had been forward-looking in the purchase of raw material, although the global crisis throughout the world.

Thanks to the massive provisions of cold-rolled and cold-drawn material, and also to the ten-year relationship with the German steel industries, Klein has granted the purchase of material to all the customers, keeping very high quality standards.

Among the most requested products there are the cold-rolled strips, for which Klein is well-known for its expertise in working very small thicknesses (0,05 – 1,00 mm) and for the possibility to perform rounded or deburred edges, upon customer’s demand ( with tolerances on width till +/- 0,03 mm.

Here is our product portfolio of the cold-rolled strips on stock:

KLEINOX 4310 – AISI 301 is the most suitable stainless steel for springs production, stamped parts, tools and metal parts for electromechanical sector.

KLEIN-C 100 white surface, hardened and tempered is the carbon steel with higher grades than the common C67, suitable for blades production, all kind of knives, but also reeds for textile industry.

KLEINOX 4028Mo – AISI 420 is the martensitic steel which has got good corrosion resistance, thanks to the Molibden adding. It’s suitable for production of compressor valves, saws, blades and reeds for textile industry.

KLEINOX 4028 – AISI 420 is the toughenable steel suitable for production of reeds for textile industry, but also saws, droppers and all kinds of knives and blades.

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